June 13, 2021


Just Imagine Nigeria

This morning, I met two cute siblings with their parents at Goshen Voyage Park, etagbor, when I was trying to Waybill an item to Lagos in their office.

The following conversation ensued between two of the siblings.

Savior: Glory, you know what I saw in my dream last night?

Glory: What did you see?

Savior: I saw a big phone, very beautiful and big phone.

Glory: So, where is the phone?

Savior: It is still there in my dream.

I burst into laughter.

After I finished laughing, I got the message God was passing to me and someone reading this through that conversation.

Are there not many of us who have seen great things in our dreams? Many have seen great cars, seen their wedding day, seen themselves abroad, seen their admission letter, promotion letter, many have seen themselves pregnant and even breastfeeding a baby, many have seen themselves ministering to a large audience, etc. Yet, if you ask them where is the ‘ big and beautiful phone?’. Their answer will still be ‘It is still in my dream’

While I know that, there are dreams that speak of future fulfillment and I also know that, it is not every dream that must come to pass instantly. But I am also aware that, some of us have seen things in our dreams that are overdue for fulfillment.

That wedding day you saw in your dream is overdue. That car should be in your compound, not in your dream. That baby you are nursing should be in your arms not in the dream. That promotion letter is useless if it remains in the dream. You need it in your life.

Now I decree as an oracle of the Most High, every ‘Big and beautiful phone’ you have seen in your dream and that should be in your hands by now but are still in the dream world, I decree they be released into your hands and life now in the name of Jesus! They shall no longer remain in the dream.

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