June 13, 2021


Just Imagine Nigeria

The mother-in-law of this lady was with them to take care of the new baby boy. As the mama (Mother-in-law ) was bathing for this 9 days old baby boy, I guess the baby had an erection. Mama saw it and was happy or something like that.

Then, she started saying, hmmm, akwa awuden, (Great man). In my mind, I was happy to hear that. All of a sudden, I heard this their mother-in-law started saying, “akpara ke afo do o” , “akpara ke afo do o” (meaning: You are a prostitute). I was so furious in my spirit. I don’t joke with words.

I moved closer to the mother-in-law and I said, mama, why are you calling this your grandchild Ashawo? What you are saying is very bad and wrong ma. You are sowing an evil seeds into the life of this innocent boy. Is it a crime that he has an erection?

She looked at me like, why are you so concerned with what I am just using to joke with my grandson? She said I am just teasing him because I saw him having an erection. I did not mean it. I am just saying it.

I said, grandma, please, say this right now ma, ” You are not Ashawo in Jesus name”. She said it in 3 times..and I appreciated her.

The husband and the wife too rejected those words for their son. Thank God I was there when it happened. Imagine mama said it when none of the parents was there. That’s how she would have damaged the destiny of that boy by sowing evil seed into his life through her negative words.

Many of your parents will hear your neighbors, or family members abusing your children verbally and calling them ‘goats” “foolish” “stupid boy”, yeye girl” and you will be looking.

Please, let me ask you, why are you their parents if you can’t defend your territory and fight for the destiny of your children?

I don’t allow rubbish talk around me or around my children. I will show you my red eyes, no matter who you are.

Many adults lost their destiny bearing because some of their uncles, aunties or teachers, or neighbor spoke negative words into their lives repeatedly while they were growing up.

Arise, dear parents! Never utter any negative words against your children and please, be ready and fast to rebuke anyone, no matter how close they are to you, who take pleasure in abusing your children verbally. It is a fast way to damage a destiny. Don’t permit it around you.

Thanks for reading. It blessed you? You can share to bless some souls around you.

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