June 13, 2021


A beloved sister met me yesterday after ministration in their assembly where I was invited for a relationship talk and counseling and was telling me how life was dealing with her. She was in deep depression and she attempted suicide. On the day she was to kill herself, she felt the urge to just talk to someone before she dies.

She reached out to a sister who is her friend. She told that lady her many problems and how she’s thinking of taking her life. That Friend encouraged her, prayed for her, and even told her some things they can be doing together to bring her out of her depression.

This sister talking with me said the words of that sister pulled her out of that suicide attempt and she got hope that day not to kill herself.

She said, after that day, she called the other sister, but she refused picking her call. She did everything to get in touch with her to appreciate her and to follow up on those things she said they will be doing together to help her overcome depression, but this sister started avoiding her. She said may be because her problems were so many. So, the sister could not help her further and she does not know how to say it to her, so, she was running away from her.

This sister talking with me now said something that really touched my heart and that’s the point I am trying to make through this post for all of us to learn from.

She said, anytime she wants to get angry at the attitude of that lady for abandoning her and failing to respond to her despite all the promises she made to her to help her out of her depression, she would always remember that day when it was that sister she chatted with and through her words of encouragement and prayers, she was pulled out of suicide attempt that evening. She said ‘ Atleast, she was there for me that day and because of that, I DID NOT DIE THAT DAY’

Friends, let’s just learn from this. There are times we get so much angry at people for letting us down or for not helping us in the way we have imagined or expected they would do or in a way they have promised to help us. I know it could be painful and disappointing. But, can you just remember that one help, that one financial help, that words of encouragement, that one visit, that one prayer, that one session of counseling, that one chat session, that one vigil session, that phone call, that one hug of assurance, that one idea, that one credit alert that that person did for or gave you, ‘that did not allow you ‘to die that day

People might not have been there for you all the way and all the time, but don’t rubbish that one day they were there for you. If they were not there that one day, that one season of your life, that one night, that one critical situation, etc you might have died ‘that day

When you are tempted to be angry with someone who is no longer there for you as expected or as promised, try and remember that one day he /she or they was/ were there for you.

I just felt like sharing this with us. Some of us might just discover that we need to let go of that anger and hatred you are having against someone right now if you can just remember that singular good he/she did to you and for you that did not ‘allow you to ‘die’ that day’. I speak in parable and the wise will understand it.

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