June 13, 2021


Sodom and Gomorrah seems to be more decent than this generation.

Criminals are now celebrated as Yahoo boys… It is no longer prostitute but slay queen… It is no longer bleaching but glowing… no longer ritualist.

Blood money is now Yahoo plus… Drug dealers are now called hustlers… An harlot is now a runs girl… Church workers now comment on immorality post in the name of freaky-freaky. It is no longer fornication but love making… Even rudeness is now savage… pride is now small girls with big God… Gambling has been upgraded to bet naija.

Pornography is now recognize as BBNIJA… Premarital sex is now the main prove of love… Can you see how they have upgraded human killings to be politics? Most of these evil acts are done because of grace message.

Virginity that was the most expensive asset is now cheaper than a plate of food. I have seen ladies who denial guys access to their ATM pin, account balance, their birth certificate, but yet give them easy access to their private parts. Among all these things which one are we suppose to protect from a second party?

Haven’t you seen where someone will abandon the good news of the Bible just to get news from yabaleft, opera mini, Lynda ikeji’s blog?

People are ready to die for their political parties rather than the gospel… Where the youth pay more respect to the voice of celebrities than the voice of God’s ordained prophets… They even monitor and follow up ballot boxes why the new converts in their churches are perishing because of lack of follow up.

This is the generation where ladies are now scheduled for hibs surgery, boobs surgery… guys are now going for pennies enlargement… All these are just to satisfy their sexual urge and boost their fornication spirit.

No matter how you chose to live your life. Always remember there is something called death, there is a place called hell, there is a place called judgement throne.

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