June 13, 2021


Just Imagine Nigeria

Women are really beautiful creatures. In every culture women are beautified. In precolonial African societies women were well groomed. The Fattening Rooms were the beauty salons where women were made curvy and their skins pampered with palm kernel oils. They were also lectured on the etiquette of femininity.

Contemporary women go a long way to look glam and fab. Most women today are truly beautiful. Time and money is devoted to be beautiful. It’s a beauty regimen from hair to toes.

Women of today spend a fortune on hair care. Braiding of all types, perming, fixing of weavons, and wigs are deployed by the womenfolk to look enchanting and endearing.

The face is the focus of most women and no expense is spared to achieve amazing facial. There are professional make up artists who can transform a plain looking woman to a beauty queen. The majority of women keep a make up kit in their bags that contain a cornucopia of brushes, foundation powder, mirror, eye pencil, lip sticks, concealers, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, bronzes and assorted beauty apparatchiks.

What’s in vogue today is skin toning and lightening. Some African women finds the black skin offensive and prefers a white skin and because of this charlatans masquerading as dermatologists and skin doctors are smiling to the bank selling all sorts of bleaching creams. The trick is to claim you’re selling organic skin products whereas you are actually selling poisons and toxins that contain Mercury and other heavy chemicals.

Women invest heavily on pedicures and manicures. Women don’t play with their nails. Acrylic nails are preferred by most.

The very rich among the womenfolk visits spas and saunas for body treatment, waxing and relaxation.

Women also spend a fortune on plastic surgery to get the hour glass figure while some engage in rigorous exercise to tone the body and develop curves.

Women spend on perfumes and body sprays to be aromatic. Necklaces, rings, waist beads, leg chains etc are beauty accessories of women.

I can go on and on but let me me break the nut and get the kernel of the post.

Women are beautiful. They’re attractive. They’re magnetic. Only homosexuals and impotent men look at women without a second glance. Many men and drivers have a habit of turning to look at the backside of women. 90% of men find the buttocks of women mesmerizing.

But the picture is different when you meet some these women one on one or enter into a relationship with them. There are good women ooo but some women are predators. They prey on lecherous and gullible men. Today if you get attracted to a woman and woo her you become a victim of extortion. Toast the typical woman today and she becomes cashless, phone-less, homeless, hopeless and helpless. Relationship is business to many women. They’re mercantile and Machiavellian. They’ll squeeze you dry.

Many women are beautiful outside and ugly inside. They’re a contradiction of sorts. Their beauty will attract you but their character will repel you. Certainly not all that glitters is gold and not all that is gold that glitters when in relationship/ marriage. Some beautiful women can be crude and rude. They lack respect and regards to interpersonal skills. They’re parasites. They’re only good for sex and cooking. They spend the better part of their time watching Zee World, African Magic Epic and Big Brother. They cannot sustain logical conversations. They’re useless to a man’s career and aspirations.

Most women are beautiful until you come close enough to see how ugly they are in behavior although we still have excellent ones around just like my beautiful Queen who is very beautiful inward and outward.

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