June 13, 2021


Just Imagine Nigeria
Just Imagine Nigeria

Have you ever seen or heard of an unfinished goods or product been advertised by the manufacturer? The answer is No! You know why? It is Because it has not been tested and trusted. Also, if they advertise it from the processing and producing stage the product could be hacked or imitated by competitors. Same should be applicable to a relationship.

Until your relationship is ripe, don’t advertise it on social media. Sometimes, there is no wisdom advertising your relationship when you have not received the blessings of your parents and pastors for marriage. Don’t rush social media advert of your relationship, nurture your relationship secretly and come out victoriously and surprisely. Why exposing yourself and your partner to danger on social media? You post Proposal, post knocking of door, post engagement, post pregnancy, post a day old baby. My dear this world is far beyond our imagination and understanding.

Do you even know what tomorrow holds  or do you think is everyone including your friends who gives you bulk of comments and likes are really wishing you well? Or you think your village people don’t know whats happening on social media? Wisdom is profitable to direct, be guided.

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