June 13, 2021


Just Imagine Nigeria

Why are my prayers not answered? Why are my wishes not come true? Why are my children’s friends and mates all married and I’m the only one left? Why are my mate driving in their cars while I can’t even buy a motorcycle for myself? If these are similar to your thoughts, it is time to ACCESS and ASSESS the MOTIVES behind your desires. 

Often times we desire things not out of need but just to show off and to prove to our friends that we’ve arrived? This kind of mind set pushes us into something and situation that will make us regret later in life. Many people today are stuck and in the middle of now where maybe in a relationship, marriage, career etc because of wrong motives. 

Wrong motives may prevent you from achieving your purpose and success in life. It may feel good initially for your desires to come true, but later on it may turns disastrous. Therefore, before you desire and want something, ACCESS the MOTIVES behind your wants. 

It is good to get married, own a car, get a job etc but is it out of necessity? What are your MOTIVES? Why think of marriage when you can’t take responsibility of yourself? Why think of car when you can’t properly feed yourself? Don’t desire to show off or to be like MR A or MISS B. Access your motives before embarking on any journey to avoid regrets.

May God speak into our reasoning and provide us with opportunities that will lead us to the next level in life.

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