June 13, 2021


When I was growing up as a young boy, we cooked with fire wood because there was no money for gas cooker due to the level of poverty in the days of poverty. There is something I learnt from that experience of cooking with fire wood. When you set the fire woods in-between the 3 blocks you are using. There is no kerosene to pour on the woods that will make it catch fire on time.

So, sometimes, you will lit the fire with the match stick& have to put the small fire on a broken plastic, it is after the broken plastic has caught the fire that you will now put the fire beside one of the woods, then that wood will catch fire& the fire will spread from one wood to another wood and to another wood until you have real fire and flames.

One skill you need to master in doing that, is the ability to protect breeze from putting off the small fire on your match stick till the plastic will catch the fire and a wood will catch it from the plastic. There are times that, you might have only 1 or 2 sticks of matches remaining in the matchbox. If you allow the breeze to put off the small fire on the match stick before it spread to the plastic, you might be stranded as there would be no more matches to use to lite the fire. If you are not skillful in using your hands to cover the small fire till the plastic catches it, you might end up finishing 50 sticks of matches without any success of kindling the fire. But once you can use your hands to cover the fire till it spreads to the plastic & the wood, then, you are going to have a big fire to cook.

Another thing I observed is this, once the wood can catch the fire, you will now need to allow the breeze to blow to the fire. The more breeze you have , the more the fire will spread among the woods& the better& brighter the fire will burn. The ability to know when to prevent the breeze from quenching the fire and the ability to know when to expose the fire to breeze is what will determine your fire-wood-cooking prowess.

Now, this is where I am going friends. When you are starting a particular vision or dream that God has put on your heart, it is like you want to cook with fire wood & there is no kerosene you can spray on the wood to help Kindle the fire fast. You must lit a ‘match stick’& look for a ‘plastic’ that will help you spread the fire to the ‘woods’ till you have a burning vision. At the initial stage, you must not expose your vision and dream to ‘breeze’,because your vision is not strong yet to withstand the power of the ‘breeze’.

This breeze can come inform of discouragement, criticism, negative rumour, cutting remarks about you and your vision,etc. Another thing about this breeze is that, it can blow on your little ‘fire’ from any angle. It can come from your closet friends, from your family members, from your enemies, etc. You must learn how to cover that small fire of vision that is being lit in your heart. Protect it from ‘breeze’.

You will still need the breeze, but not now!. A time will come when it will be the same ‘breeze’ of discouragement, rumor, criticism, antagonism , cutting remarks,etc that will fuel the wide spread of your vision and dream. The more they criticize you, the more you will advance then. The more they hate you, the more your height increases. The more they try to set you up for shame, the more your fame will be spreading. 

There are many people reading this now, you are afraid of the ‘breeze’, and unknown to you, that, this is the time you need to allow the ‘breeze’ to blow on your vision and dream. Remove your hands from preventing the ‘breeze’! Let it blow on it! It can’t quench the fire of your dreams and visions, it can only spread the fire and make the fire of your vision to burn brighter and brighter until your enemies and haters won’t be able to stand the flames of it.

Those are the two lessons I feel like sharing with you from my experience of cooking with fire wood. 

1. Know when to protect your small fire from the ‘breeze’ lest the fire of your vision be put off without seeing the light of days. 

2. Learn to leverage on the ‘breeze’ for maximum burning of the fire of your vision and dreams

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