June 13, 2021


I remember a guy when I was still a teenager. He told me as at that time about his sexual adventure and recklessness. As at the time I was 17 years old, this guy was 18 years old and he had had sex with 65 ladies at that time; both married and single ladies.

I shook my head for him and I asked in amazement how he was able to build such huge records of sin. He told me, ‘I don’t zip my zip and many times, I don’t wear pant or boxer. I tuck out my shirt always, so it can cover the unzipped zips of my trouser. Dave, this is what we call ‘k’usรดp usรดp ‘ .( ‘ku’sรดp usรดp means, something that will fasten your work). I wept for him and he eventually became a shadow of himself. Till now, he could not ‘stand’ up in life. What a pity!

Many guys/men/boys go about today with “Unzipped zips’. Though they zipped up the zips of their physical trousers but in their mindset and mentality, they go about with unzipped zips.

When intentionally you don’t zip up your zip, it is easy to bring out your penis. If you don’t zip up your zip, it is an invitation for sex. If you don’t zip up your zip, you are saying, you are ready for sex. It is a position of a seducer. You are seducing someone to have sex with you.

We have so many guys who are sexually loose.

If the only thing you think about any lady is how you will have sex with her, you have an unzipped zips! You are sexually loose.

If you get into a relationship today and within a week/month, you are already demanding for sex, you have an unzipped zips. You are morally loose.

If you can’t part with your money with any woman until you have removed her pant, your trouser does not even have any zip. Shame on you.

If you abuse ladies sexually, sleep with your house maids, cleaner in the office, daughters in the Lord, female colleagues in the office, your wife friends, shame on you sir, your manhood is exposed, that is like a mad man walking on the road without clothes on with his penis dangling shamelessly.

If you are always going from inbox to inbox luring ladies into sex with you, you are trending a dangerous ground. That is the way to a great fall.

If you still visit hotels, & night clubs to have sex with prostitutes , you are with an unzipped zips .

Now, hear me my fellow men, No free sex anywhere, except the sex you have with your WIFE! Every sex with any lady outside marriage, be it fornication or adultery, you will PAY FOR IT! yes, read that again. You will pay for it! You might not pay with cash (money), but you will pay with your health, your glorious destiny, vision, power, future, and even with your life.

You have not been told that, there are vaginas that are mobile cemetery where glorious destinies are being buried on daily basis? Now I am telling you.

You have not been told that, there are ladies you must not climb them on bed and you must not suck their breasts lest they suck out your virtues and glory? Now I am telling you.

Come to my counselling room/ chats and see heart breaking messages from guys (singles and married) who were going about with ‘unzipped zips’ and they were enjoying their lives but now, they are trapped, they are cut down, they are scandalized, they are bewitched, they are pressed down. They lost their beautiful destinies in between the legs of those ladies they slept with.

You see that your “third leg” (your penis), it can cripple your other two legs in life and put you permanently on the “wheelchair” of life where you might not be able to rise again, that is, if it has not happened to you already.

I offer you hope today. Run back to Jesus for real salvation. Make up your mind to zip up your zip. It is a posture of sexual discipline!

I am aware of the sexual fire burning in our bodies as men. Many women too are not helping us as they flung their nakedness here and there on social media and on the street. A lot of no longer wear panties and bra for what they call quickie, and I’ll be writing about that tomorrow. 

Many men are even under pressure from women to have sex with them. They are begging you, offering you money, seducing you and tempting you here and there, my brother, no be only you dey face this things. It is common to all men. It is a serious battle we are all fighting as men! You must not lose in this battle sir.

Guard your loins! Be man indeed. Be determined. Hold your penis in your hand and speak to it to be calm in the name of Jesus. Make a covenant with it as you are holding it that it will never or no more enter another vagina except that of your wife.

I am warning you as I am warning myself, let all your zips be zipped up!

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