June 13, 2021


You see that statement up there? Let me tell you about it.
This Brother was one of the Coordinators in their fellowship. He was close to this sister and the sister too likes him just as brother in the fellowship, fervent and strong in the works of the Lord.

One day, the brother visited the sister and at a time, the lady was serving the brother a soft drink when the brother grabbed her from the back and started hopping at her. The lady was taken aback as she never imagined such from the brother. The brother started forcing himself on the lady. She pleaded with him to stop the foolishness and reminded him of his position as a child of God and as a Coordinators in the fellowship. All her pleads fell on a deaf ears.

She struggled to run out of the room, but the guy prevented her. At a point, she thought of a way out. She told the brother that, she will agree to have sex with him but he should go the nearby chemist shop and get a condom so she will not be at the risk of pregnancy. She said this so the guy can go out and she could escape.

To her amazement, this fellowship coordinator told her, ” Sister, don’t worry yourself, I came with condom. See it here”. This brothers opened his Bible and brought out two pieces of condom. It was then the lady changed it for him and threaten to stab him or break bottle on his head. When the guy saw that the “drum beat” has changed, he ran out of the room with disgrace.

Many guys are like this. They go everywhere with condom with them. They are on rampage, looking for ladies to have sex with, to lure into sex or to rape.

Some ladies too visit guys with female condom, they go braless or with no pant, no tight under their skirt. If they raise their skirts or gown, the next you will see is their nakedness. They do it to maximize every opportunity to lure a man into sex or rape men or seduce men into sex.

If you are like this , I have not come to condemn you, but to call you to repentance. Stop it! Stop !!! Stop it!!!

Don’t be like that brother. It is a life of shame and sin. You can be single and pure.

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