June 13, 2021


In life generally, women are known as weaker vessel according to the Bible content – 1 Peter 3: 7. And if we look deeply, we can see that it is true. According to my findings, l discovered three weaknesses of the women, which l will properly explain for everyone to know.

Here are the weaknesses:-

#1. Women don’t think deep: 

In anything in life, we can never compare the thought of the men with the women. Ask me why? Women normally think low, when it comes to the level of thinking on anything in life, either on situations on ground or otherwise. They think low, and inasmuch men don’t understand this, there will be quarreling in the relationship. Therefore, men, understand women as the weaker vessel.

#2. Women don’t have heart to admit situations: 

This is another area whereby women need serious men attention. They don’t have the heart to admit circumstances, when problem arise. They will be serious in overflowing weeping. All their system will change, even people around them will know that something is going wrong with them and at that particular time they might fore sick. Therefore, men protect women for whom they are.

#3. Women don’t count things: 

Women as the weaker vessel, they don’t have the ability to count things. That is, things they suppose to serious with, they won’t. Things they suppose to do fast, they will be slugised with it. Unless men put them on the run either by quarreling or fighting. Therefore, I want all men to know that women need their attention in every area of life when calls for to count things. Meanwhile, men, is not the matter of fighting or quarreling with them. They are all weaker vessels naturally.

This issue of women is the issue of their brain generally. Everything women is doing based on their brain, and the full brain of the women are men. Therefore, any man that married them must handle them as weaker vessels with understanding not with wisdom

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