June 13, 2021


3 years before my father died, I visited to greet him & we were gisting. I knew it has been long he read his Bible last because of old age and the dimness of his eyes.

I carried his big Bible for him and gave him his glasses. He tried reading it, but he could not see the wordings well. He tried pronouncing those words, but it wasn’t coherent as he could not see it well.

Humm. This is a man that read Bible like anything. He taught me the value of the word of God. He told me he read the Bible through Genesis to Revelation 2 times. With that challenge, I have read the Bible through 2 times too and still on the third time. My dad did quotes scriptures off hands. I learnt that value from him too. I memories scriptures and can quote it by God’s grace. It is this same man then that old age did not permit him to read the Bible again.

He told me jokingly that, the ones he has read right from his youth age are still in him and they will sustain him now till he would breath his last.

Now, this are the lessons I got from that discussion:-

Friends, you will not always be able to do what you are doing now.

A time will come, you won’t be able to hustle again. Hustle now that you still have strength!

A time will come when you might not be able to fast again as a result of old age. Fast now!

A time will come when you will not be able to read the Bible again as a result of old age, read the Bible now that your eyes are still sharp!

Dear couples, a time will come, sex might become less appealing to you and you might not have strength to have sex. Please, have sex now. Improve your sex life. Enjoy sex with your spouse.

A time will come when you might be too old to do much fashion and wear good cloths as a result of old age, please, be fashionable now! Enjoy good clothes now that you still have body to carry it.

A time will come when you might not be able to further your education. Please do so now!

Preacher, a time will come, when you might not be able to preach here and there. You might not be able to attend ministers’ conference, seminars and personal retreat as a result of old age, please attend now! Preach the Gospel now! Do your best in the ministry for now.

Friend, a time will come, you might not be able to take care of your parents as they will die one day, why don’t you do it now!!!

We all shall not be forever young, forever agile and strong. With old age comes so many limitations and incapacitation. Now that you are still young, do your best! Invest, learn, pray, fast, touch lives, travel wide, evangelize, make friends, enjoy life , be spiritually fit, be beautiful, be handsome and awesome, make money, manage money, multiply money, laugh when you Still have teeth, eat well, live well, do well, dress well, have sex very well (with your spouse) , spend well, exercise well, pray well, etc, so that when your old age comes, and you can no longer do all these, effectively; like my daddy said, the ones you have done in your days of strength and agility will carry you till you breath your last!!!

Remember, ” For the night cometh when no man can work” (John 9: 4b)

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