June 13, 2021



About a week ago, a lady from another country chatted me up on Facebook here. She’s a young widow with two children. She lost her husband few years ago. Presently now, a man is interested in getting married to her. According to her, this man is a child of God by his conduct and characters. He is working in a very good place and has chains of businesses . Also, he is very handsome. A dedicated worker in the house of God and firm believer of sexual purity.

Then, this lady told me that she’s afraid of getting married to the man. I said why? She said, how can someone has all those good qualities? She’s of the opinion that, such men should be suspected and can it be true that one man will be that qualified? She said, it is too real to be true.

I laughed. I asked her if she wants a man that’s a child of God but poor. She said ‘No’! I asked if she wants a man that’s rich but ugly, She said ‘No!’ I asked further if she wants a man that’s rich, handsome but worldly and not serious with the things of God. She said No!” , So, I told her, it means you want a man that is rich, righteous and handsome? She said ‘yes sir”. I said, now, God is sending you such a man and you are still feeling a man cannot be all that alright.

While I am not against proper investigation before investment of your time, emotions, life and all into a relationship with a man/woman, at the same time, don’t be held down by this wrong notions or belief that, any genuine man must be deficient one way or the other. This mindset has kept so many people in fear. When they see someone who is well alright spiritually, financially, socially and emotionally, they begin to suspect and feel such a person must be a danger or a pretender.

Many of us don’t believe that we deserve the best from God. Many of us don’t Believe God can give us ‘total package” . We pray for blessings, but when God is sending the blessings in a bigger form, we shrink and begin to doubt if it is actually true or if we actually deserve such huge blessings.

Have you not read, that, God can do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you could ever asked or imagined, according to His power that’s at work within you?( Eph 3:20)

I am a child of The KING of kings. I deserve the best of the bests. There is no blessings of God that’s too big for me to have. If it pleases my DADDY to send any of His blessings to my life, I have capacity to welcome them. I will only bow in awe of His sovereignty and worship His generosity but I will not feel inferior to use or own His blessings. If He can give up His Beloved Son for me, what’s that blessings He cannot give me.

Friends, Don’t feel inferior to embrace the super blessings, job, promotion, financial blessings , spiritual blessings , marriage partner, ministerial expansion , etc that God is sending to your life this month and this year. Don’t be afraid to ‘marry’ the blessings God is sending to you.

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