June 13, 2021


I was trying to delete few inactive friends on my list this morning to welcome new friends. One of the things I look at before deleting someone is ,once I see you have ‘leased’ your Facebook wall/timeline out or you are are using it for ‘rentals’, then, I might remove you from my list.


✓ None of your personal post is on your timeline for a whole year or more.
✓ It is only other people’s posts that full your timeline.
✓ All manners of tags appear on your timeline. People who are eating, drinking garri, bathing, sleeping, clapping , buying suya, etc. They all tagged you and that’s what your timeline is littered with, it is a sign that, that timeline is no longer yours.
✓ No single edifying post on your wall.
✓ The last time you posted was on your birthday 4 years ago and you are still alive.

Facebook needs you but I might not need you as a friend on my list here, but I might still need you outside Facebook world.

I saw a friend’s Facebook wall. It was so dirty, and so busy with so many unedifying posts from different people tagging him. The last time he posted was 2015 April. I told him, Sir, even if it is prayers you drop here for your followers, you will be blessing them. Even if it is those inspirations from your personal study, Sunday messages or what you read in a book you share on your wall, people will be reading and you will be blessing them and touching lives.

Get back your Facebook wall friends! Write that post. Write that poem! Write that story. Share that inspiration. Share that knowledge. People on your list are waiting to be blessed by you.

Stop all that’s unnecessary tagging you allow to appear on your wall. Go to your settings, change the setting. No tagging should appear on your wall until you approve it. Sanitize your wall. Make it an altar. Make it a platform, make it a stage, make it a pulpit, make it a podium where you can dish out great ideas, inspiration, messages, encouragement, knowledge to people and where you can also learn from people through their posts, comments, criticism and counsel. Don’t let it be a dunghill. Not where people can just dump all kinds of unnecessary and unedifying posts via tagging.

Enough is enough of this timeline leasing and rental services. You yourself have what you can bless your friends with through your platform. Start maximizing it!

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