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There are many people whose beds are their main battlefield. Many people got defeated in life on their beds, while asleep. Many see so many disturbing dreams, nightmares, arrows and evil ghosts and personalities tormenting them in/ on their bed at night.

Some receive regular beatings on their bed. Some are being practically raped in their dream by strange forces and they wake up to see their private parts reacting like real sex just happened.

Some fight the idols, demons of their father’s house in their dreams.
While some win these battles, some lost these battles.

As a Child of God, your bed should not be a battlefield. And if at all the devil and his cohorts brings any battle to your bed in the night while asleep, your inner man should be so much on fire to consume them.

From today, everyone reading this, over the battles of the bed, you are declared winner in Jesus name! Your sleep and dreams tonight shall be peaceful and victorious in Jesus name!

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