June 13, 2021


THE WORLD MAY BE ON LOCK DOWN NOT THE WORD: Paul said : Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound. ( 2 Timothy 2:9)

Even those of us who don’t have corona virus were all asked to sit at home. Everything and everywhere were locked down.

Unfortunately, many ministers, pastors and evangelists also shut down & shut up with the shut down. If the churches are declared open now, many pastors might need to do a refresher course to know how to preach again. Since the lockdown started, many ministers have not preached a single message. To them, all ministry begins and ends on their pulpit and within the four corners of their Church buildings.

Look at the example of Apostle Paul, he was locked down in the prisons. His movement was restricted. He could not stand in the temples and climb pulpits to preach as he used to do, but right there in the prison, he built pulpit for the Lord. Most of his Epistles were written while he was in the prison. He said, though he was on lockdown, but the word of God was not locked down. He used every means to preach the Gospel.

Dear minister, why did you allow your ministry to be put on hold because of the lockdown? There are many mediums you can use to give expression to God’s word. You can preach on Facebook. You can minister through E-mails. You can minister through Watsapp. You can use Zoom, use Mixrl, use Instagram, you can use text messages, you can use phone calls to preach the Word!

The command given to us is: Preach the Word! Be instance in season ( including COVID 19 season) and out of season… (2 Timothy 4:2).

If the only time you will resume preaching the Word is when we are out of the season of COVID 19, it shows you are not fulfilling this mandate given to us as ministers.

Many pastors now, the only message in their mouth and on their Facebook walls now is Corona virus . You will think they are working at NCDC as they write Corona virus update. They can tell you who just got the virus now now now. Yet, they can’t preach the word because their church buildings are locked down! What a shame!

Dear fellow ministers, the world might be on lock down, but the word of the Lord in us must not be lock down! Arise, preach the Word! Leverage on social media platforms or any thing you can make use and Preach the Word!!! If you can’t speak it, write it like a post. By all means, preach the Word!!!

We might be bond like Apostle Paul, but the Word of God is not bond! And must not be bond!


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