June 13, 2021


Are you okay? this was his beautiful question of a three years old boy to me, I could answer but he came closer and hugged me and the next question was something that would certainly make you laugh. In your mind questions are racing to figure out the next beautiful question of this three years old kid to me,

Well, I could have just written it but I had to take a long pause of suspense to get all in, in that emotions, yes it was a beautiful moment that the emotions get me out of the quarantine emotions, then he said.

I was out of mind when its comes to that moment of rare emotions in this days of uncertainty, understanding those emotions could be tough and deciding on the guilt it makes you consume yourself in as something that adds to the craziness of the quarantine moments.

He only wanted to ask me a question of assurance, he said, oh first he called my name and asked me, hey are you still my girlfriend?

Oh, mine, did my emotion gave him a blackout of that question, I couldn’t take it, suddenly I grab him and gave him a hug that I have been holding back to give to so many people in my life and then, right there I quickly said yes, definitely am still your girlfriend and it’s all just stuck in with him asking that one last question that will lay down that sweet emotion in the assurance of focusing of every day with pride and bragging yourself in the best way at all time.

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