June 13, 2021


You see that question up there up? That is the question men ask ladies when they want them to be their wives. There is something I want to point out from that question. What I want to dwell on is the word “Will”.

It means , there must be a will to marry you. A willingness to marry you from that lady. It is not by forcing her, coercing her , threatening her , begging her, pestering her, beating her , buy her gifts, sending people to help you beg her, sulking her, trolling her , frightening her with dreams and visions all in the name of wanting her to marry you by fire by force.

Dear guy, whenever you are going to propose marriage to a lady, remember this word ” Will”

You can not really win her heart until she has given you her will to marry you.

Marriage is by choice, not by force.

Dear princess, this relationship you are in, are you sure you are not under a spell? Are you sure it is from your will? Are you sure you are not coerced into it?

I remembered a woman who told me that, it was after 3 years in marriage that she realized she was married. As in , suddenly, she came to her consciousness. All through the 3 years, she was married oo but she can’t explain how she found herself in that man’s house. This world is deep!!!

If you are a guy that is trying to marry a lady by using a charm ring on her or you want to propose to a lady after making incantations so that, her will will be suppressed and she will just say “yes” to you and you will be using invisible “remote control’ on her mind. You are wicked! It will not work. It shall backfire on your head. Any lady you succeeded in getting through this medium is not your wife by her will, and you will weep later.

Dear guy, marry a woman who is willing to marry you. Dear lady, marry a man you are willing to marry. To have wellness in marriage, you need your willingness!

I believe some one is inspired by this!

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