June 13, 2021


I didn’t want to search the definition on google, I wanted to understand my every emotion of my life living to be able to give a definition. So, let’s imagine today what my perception.

Perception, to me, is a realistic image of my life process. I started to listen to that instrument I always wanted to play and create a mind view of every perception I have had in my life for every moment.

 I could picture, the first perception I got was the definition of my laughter and the hot tears of total happiness. I could still feel the emotion and how it will always be a part of me, that was my perception of the best emotional music of how I want my everyday laughter and tears to feel with or without myself at that moment.

Perception, in my dreams, is something I am still defining cause as the time ticks, its keeps reminding me how our tales of dreaming keep adding up, even in though our scare doesn’t keep us always from dreaming the best-felt emotion will always want to feel. a mind of its own is a perception we daily dream of in a mountain of existences.

I could be so right in my self in a form I have created in an environment of ups and downs, couldn’t be so safe with a mind of crazy sets of emotions, I could be home if I couldn’t find you there, I could call you home if I don’t feel myself in a mind of existence.

so perception, a mind I would continue to grow even though its certainty in beyond me, I don’t want to search for answers, but I would read as much as I can and listen to more sound as my emotion desire with a mindful of relaxing springs colors of you and me.

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