June 13, 2021

Does Sex Really Defines Your Relationship

Just Imagine Nigeria

Sex is a strange word being that we all are define by our sexes in today’s world. I grew up with a mindset of sex being a spiritual connection.

We ain’t taking about the sexes of humanity but the sex that happens to bring a new generation of humanity.

So the question is, does sex define a relationship? Being a relationship isn’t strange happening but how is it relatable towards your sexual life.

Can your relationship be a survival with or without sex?

How you sexual enlightened?

Do you feel unemotional or emotional towards sex?

More questions like this is what tend to trend in the minds of individuals.

But like I said , this is solely my opinion and my mindset towards sex is amazingly strict. Before now I said I grew up with a mindset of knowing or having sex with another individual is serious spiritual to me and I tagged sex as;

S: sexual

E: entangled

X: sexes

So today, I would like to ask; how do you define sex in your relationship?

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