August 4, 2021


Just Imagine Nigeria

One of the proofs of true love is giving. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, God gave His only son to prove His love for humanity. God gave out of love, then you must give out of love. If you are stingy to the person you love, your love is questionable. When it comes to giving, it’s not the quantity that matters but the heart to give.

How can you say, you love someone and ever since you have been together, you have not given him/her anything meaningful, your love is not complete. When there is no giving, there is no loving. No matter how small, there is something to give if you are not stingy.

A stingy bachelor cannot grow up to become a generous married man, you need to be careful not to marry a stingy man, he may not provide for you and the family. To them, one naira is too big to give, they are always complaining they don’t have, be careful of a stingy man. Giving should not be one way, ladies don’t just be on the receiving side, give too. Go beyond buying boxers, singlets and polo shirt for him, get him better things too.

Don’t be stingy. There is something you have to give to ignite your love life.

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