June 13, 2021


Just Imagine Nigeria

As a girl child, you’re already born disadvantaged, by dint of your gender. So if there is anything you should never be caught being, is being ignorant, unschooled, superstitious, and retarded.

As a woman, you must be ready to go the extra mile. Your intelligence shouldn’t start and end in makeup, skin bleaching and body enhancement. NO! You must be intellectual, always searching for new information for transformation.

As a woman, religion is your enemy. Religion is sexist. As a Catholic you can only be a Reverend sister or mother but never a parish priest, bishop, archbishop, cardinal or Pope. As a Muslim you can never be an Imam or lead prayers in the mosque. Discover the goddess inside of you, and wean yourself out of mainstream religion!

As a woman, tradition is against you. In Igbo land, Ikwerre land and many other places you can’t inherit your parents assets and as a widow you’re traumatized and terrorized. You may be forced to drink water used in washing your husband’s dead body. You’re likely going to be dispossessed of your family’s assets and married out to an old in-law. The woman is caught between a rock and a hard place.

As a woman, you’ll suffer objectification and sexualization. It’s all about your body and you’ll be defined by how you look. Lecturers will bypass your capacity and ability and attempt to molest you. Pastors will ogle at your body. Employers won’t focus on your curriculum vitae but on your curves. The dregs of society will throw snide remarks at you in garages. Boyfriends will attempt to rape you instead of helping you. As much as possible play down on your looks while you magnify your conversations and interactions.

As a lady, let your power not come from false eyelashes, false boobs, false bum, false accent and fakery, you call packaging. Let your power come from your mastery of life, and your ability to solve, resolve and dissolve problems.
As a daughter, sister, wife, mother and spinster, you must learn, relearn and unlearn…. So you can be proactive, not reactive. You run things. Things don’t run You. Always!

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