June 13, 2021


MY CONCERN: If the way many Christians write so much about this COVID 19 on their Facebook walls & WhatsApp status is the way they write and talk about Jesus and His mighty power. Many things would have happened in the name of Jesus.

There are some of you who never talked or wrote anything about the goodnews, about salvation, about Christ, about prayer, about love , about caring for one another on your Facebook walls or WhatsApp. Coro came now and 95% of your posts / WhatsApp status/ broadcast/ phone calls or chatting with people now are all about Corona virus as if you are the appointed minister of information on COVID 19.

I am not saying you should not talk about it as everyone is now a virologist. All I am saying is, let it not be that, what now dominates your mind, heart, thinking is now corona virus matter to the point that, all you write, speak, gist, and think about now is Coro.

Exalt Jesus and His healing and saving power than you give so much attention to this virus.

I see pastors who never wrote one Bible verse on their walls before now writing Ph.D dissertations on corona virus on their walls daily.
The sad part of it is that many of those who carry this matter so much on their heads are just disseminating fear and panic and unfounded facts about this virus issue.

Don’t let the matter of this virus consume all your passion. Strike a balance.

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