June 13, 2021


Just Imagine Nigeria

This write up is for Sons and daughters of God who are into godly relationship. The joys I want to mention here is not for those who are into worldly dating, boy friend& girlfriend relationship. It is not for those who are unequally yoked with unbelievers. It is not for those who are doing “Kasimawo” relationship (Trial &error relationship). I am writing about those who have consulted God about their choice of a marriage partner and they can boldly say; ‘God is the one that brought us together and this our courtship is pleasing Him’

1. The joy of finding and being found. Luke 15: 1-9. Proverb 18:22

2. The joy of knowing that someone is thinking about you in a special way.

3. The joy of fulfillment. When you get engaged to the right person, you begin to have the joy of fulfillment in the area of your marital destiny. Proverb 13:12 says “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing/dream fulfilled is a tree of life’

4. The joy of drawing closer to your wedding day.

5 The joy of having someone you can speak to in a special way.

6. The joy of knowing someone is praying for you specially.

7. The joy of having someone to share your joy, achievements, pain with you.

8. The joy of having someone that can correct you and speak the truth to you.

9. The joy of having someone you can offend and forgive.

10. The joy of having someone that can join you in doing exploit for the Lord.

11. The joy of answered prayer for your parents, pastor, and friends.

12. The joy of being focus.

13. The joy of being shielded away from constant proposals from guys/ eying from ladies. (Though it will continue, but it will be reduced once they know you are engaged).

14. The joy of having someone that can sharpen your countenance. Prov. 27:17

As many of you that are engaged in a godly relationship, I congratulate you as you enjoy these joys. As many of you who are trusting God for a marriage partner, God will settle you by His mercy. You shall also have these joys; this year in Jesus name!

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