June 13, 2021


I was having a relationship talk session in a Church youths Conference early last year at Ikom, Cross River State and I was speaking on “WHAT WE SHOULD LOOK FOR IN YOUR MARRIAGE PARTNER”. One of the points I mentioned was ” CAPACITY” .I gave an illustration by using the Church big glass pulpit. I asked a brother to stand up, and I pointed the pulpit to him that, if I ask him to look for someone who can join him to carry the pulpit from where it is to another angle of the church, considering the weight & fragility of that glass pulpit, who would he pick as a partner to help him carry the Pulpit?

The brother looked around the church, and sighted another brother who has good body built. This brother he picked has this muscles on his arms. Physically strong and energetic.

Beside this brother I called was a very beautiful lady,seated. She’s very pretty, glowing skin, and was smiling very brightly. I asked the guy, why didn’t you pick this lady sitting beside you to join you to carry the heavy pulpit? The guy said, sir, she does not have the physical capacity to carry that pulpit oo. We might both fall down and land in debt if we break the pulpit. She can’t carry it with me.

I said, yes! That’s the point I am making. Don’t marry someone who can not carry. Marriage is weighty! Marriage is Mighty! Marriage is heavy! There are many things to carry in marriage and those things are weighty and fragile. You can’t afford to just pick anyone to come and join you to carry the weight of marriage. It can fall on the two of you and it can get broken.


You will carry personal & joint visions in your marriage.

You will have to carry the presence of God in your home (This is not for babies)

You will carry your Children destinies.

You will Carry your problems & Challenges

You will carry burdens of other people as the Lord will be placing them on your hearts as couples.

You will carry out so many ridiculous instruction from the Lord in your marriage.


Can you see that, these aforementioned things are not small in weights? Can you see that, these are not things you can carry alone or carry with someone without capacity. It is not about beauty and handsomeness. It is about all round capacity. Build capacity and marry a man/lady who also has all round capacity. Give thoughts to this thing I am saying and make up your mind not to marry someone who cannot carry.

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