June 13, 2021


You see that statement up there? That was what a guy said to me. This guy has a boutique not far from my where I was serving oga at portharcourt far back in 2007 and every evening, this guy plays Fela’s songs from around 4pm to 9pm every day. He puts on generator everyday. It is his way of calling people’s attention to his business & also celebrating the music legend. The blasting of his loud speakers disturb me so many time and disturb many people too, but this guy does not send anybody ooo. For more than 5 years now, he plays it every day, except on Sundays.

One day, I went to buy a tie & cufflinks in his boutique and we got talking. I asked him why he plays Fela’s songs every day and I told him of how the loud speakers disturb many of us around him. He said, My brother, no be only you dey complain ooo. People don complain so tey, but I just dey tell them say, make they no get angry oo”. I asked him, why playing Fela’s songs everyday does not bore him? He said, Haaaaa, I no fit stop playing it oo. What Fela did for me in Lagos ehenen, I can’t forget it oooo. When we went to Lagos many years ago, and we had no where to stay, we dey stay under bridge for Ikeja, na Fela came to rescue us ooo. He gave us house for free, fed us and gave us money for more than 6 months. I cried when he died and I made up my mind to play his songs everyday when I get money and establish my business. I no fit forget Baba 70 ooo…”

If a man could become so sold out to another man for the impact he made in his life for 6 months. If a man can burn fuel every day for 5 hours to play the songs of a man that touched and transformed his life for just 6 months. If a man can ignore the complaints, accusations and petitions of people against him, just for him to sing the praise of another mortal man that touched his life. I left his boutique and got challenged. And I am challenging everyone of you reading me today who are Christians.

How many of us are this addicted to proclaiming the goodness of Jesus? There are some of you who claim to be Christians here online and for 365 days , you never wrote any single post and mention Jesus in it. You claim to be a Christian, and you hide your identity in your office . You go to club than you go to Church. You are part of those that bash churches, pastors and even Christ on social media.

You celebrate hip hop singers on your wall than you celebrate gospel singers. Just for you not to offend your ‘woke ” friends, you like, comment on their half naked pictures but any posts that contains prayer, Bible Quotations or anything Jesus online, you waka passed such posts. You don’t want your friends who think you as a social media influencer or social media celebrity to know that you are also “Christ freak’

If there is a post on domestic violence, robbery, accident, you will carry it on your head like gala. If there is a post on politics, your will trend with it with all your data. Yes, this is good. We need it too. I do that too. But why are you ashamed to talk about Jesus and His saving power and you claim to have been saved by Him? It is not true! Stop deceiving yourself. If truly you have met Him and He has changed you inside out. If truly you have tasted of the heavenly gifts and the power of the age to come. If truly you have been forgiven, healed, and restored. If truly the Spirit from on high has been poured on your soul. If truly you have caught the raw and real fire of God in your spirit man, you can’t keep quiet! I mean you can’t but speak about Jesus. You will use every opportunities to tell people about this Jesus!

Yes, you can’t have His fire shut up in your bones and you will not scream and spread the good news about Jesus.

I challenge you dear readers, check your Spiritual life. Until your friends and foes both online and offline can say, you are ” crazy” about this Jesus, friends, you have not started!

Stop hiding this Jesus. He died for you publicly not privately. Flaunt this precious Salvation and the workings of His power in your life. Jesus did not change your life or touch your life for just 6 months like Fela Anikulapo did to that young man, Jesus saved you for ever! He gave His life for you. He paid for your sins. He healed you, feeds you, defends you, frees you from demons and evil powers, “put on your generators”, let your ” speakers” be loud, talk about Jesus. Play songs and messages about Him, Tell the World about Jesus. Let everyone around you know that, You are Jesus freak! Don’t be silent. Don’t let your friends silent you. Talk about Jesus, everywhere and everyday.

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