June 13, 2021


As you move on in your journey to greatness, there are many things that will be thrown at you. So many things will be passed ,and thrown to you and thrown at you. But, if you are wise, there are things you must never catch. If you catch them and embrace them like a goal keeper, that catch will crash you!

Bellow are the things you should never catch like a ball if you must succeed in life:-

1. LADIES/ GUYS: Yes, many ladies will throw themselves at you as a man with a star. Their major aim is to turn your Star to scar. Many guys will throw themselves at you and to you as a woman that carries destiny and future. When they come to throw themselves at you, giving you fake affection and attention and admiration, be thou careful! Don’t catch them, lest they crash you.

2. CRITICISM: If you have never been criticized, it means you are not doing anything worthwhile. As long as you are alive, you will be criticised. They will throw criticism to you. They will carry rumours about you and your work, ministry, personality. Don’t catch it! If you catch the criticism, antagonism, lies, rumour , people are throwing to you, it will weaken your heart, your hands, your motivation, and passion to excel will crash with it. Don’t catch it !

3. GOD’S GLORY: As long as God is using you. As long as you are impacting lives, blessing humanity and contributing your own contribution to your generation, people will hail you. They will call you their gods. They will give you glory and praise. If you don’t want to crash suddenly like king Herod in Acts 12, please, don’t catch God’s glory! It is a deadly thing to do. You are just a pencil in the hands of God. He can break you, dull your mouth, or even remove your eraser and you become useless. When they throw glory to you, throw it up to God. If you embrace God’s glory , He will embarrass you! Don’t catch God’s glory. Isaiah 42:8.

4. NEGATIVE REMARKS/COMMENTS: No matter how good, nice, efficient, friendly, firm, happy, generous, beautiful, handsome, and godly you are, there are people who will always pass negative remark/ comment to you. Some will try to curse you. Some will try to abuse you. Some will try to injure you with the poison of their tongues. When they say any negative words to you, reject it! Don’t catch it.

Some of you will hear negative words from your family members, friends, haters, employers, lecturers, leaders, followers, spouse, etc. Please, throw it out if you can’t throw it back. Don’t sit with it and be analysing it or crying over it. Don’t crash a beautiful destiny you have by catching and embracing those negative words.


5: FREE SEX: Actually, you will always have people who are ready to offer you free sex. They won’t charge you money. You won’t pay a dime to have sex with them. Woman and men of easy virtues. They go about with loose pants and boxers. They can sleep with anything in skirt/trouser and they can allow anything to sex them.

They will offer you free sex. But you know what?, there is no free sex anywhere! You might not pay with your money. You might not pay with your credit card, but you will pay with your credibility. You will pay with your health, vision, marriage , ministry, future, peace of mind, and you might also end up paying with your eternity. . What a pity! If you love your life, flee from anyone who comes to offer you free sex. If you catch the free sex, you will loose your best on that bed of fornication and adultery. Don’t catch it, if you don’t want to crash with it.

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