June 13, 2021


You see that statement up there? That was what one woman said in an argument as she was defending why women with big breasts should be allowed to open their breasts. She said because the breasts are big, they might not be able to cover it all. There are many women that have such corrupted mindset like her. If you are like her, I have a word for you.

Madam, you said because your breasts is big that’s why you have to open part of it every time you post pictures here or you go anywhere. It is not a true and genuine reason.

Go and see many women who have it bigger than you; yet, you will never see them showing any part of their breasts in any of their dresses. You know what you are doing. You are only making excuses. Some of you are just agents of seduction and destruction consciously or unconsciously. You will meet God one day in Judgement and you will explain yourself to Him.

Nudity is not dignity. Cover up your body very well. Some of you women that claim to be Christians and you go to church every sunday are guilty of this ooo. Even some Muslim ladies are better than many of you on this. Shame on the fake salvation you are claiming to have.

If Jesus truly enters your heart, He will enter your wardrobe. There are cloths you can’t wear if you are truly born again.

You can abuse me or say any thing you like, but if your conscience is still alive, you should have a conviction in your heart that, I am saying the truth. Stop dressing like a mad lady and expect people to treat you like a Queen.

If you fight the truth, you will fail, truth will prevail.

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