June 13, 2021


Is the social space safe for the next generation? Are our kids and teens faced with emotional and psychological shock?

What impact is the social space having on them? How can we decipher what is right for their view. Do pictures evoke character traits that are highly dangerous to the teens. How can the government help to censor the appropriateness in this time? What’s the role of the media house in curbing emotional shock for teens? Is the media another major society influence to a child apart from family and school?

What will be the lot in the next millennium?

How could social romance between societies sublime?

What has the social space got to do with our faith or belief?

Is Sodom and Gomorrah in view?

How can these children be better parents?

When you take a critical look at the social space today there’s only one thing which comes to mind, disaster. Imagine Ose, from a traditional African society having be taught in the school that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. But she’s now grappling with the idea of watching a man and supposedly another man in conjugal bliss. Can this be taught in schools? What is in if these children are thought in schools today about this happening outside this shore? Could this further enlighten or create moral decadence? Are there kids and teens in Nigeria already engaging in this but in the secret? What are the odds that we are not already headlong into it, but not public because of our constitutional reforms? How can we correct this without religious bigot?

I watch our social space been evaded by psychological and emotional waves while we are faced with these shocks everyday. The population of social media users increases per minute. 10 users in 1 min. Majority of the users are 45 and below. With a whooping of 45 percent teenagers.

There’s no safe place or cage to hide teenagers these days. What they can’t learn from peer groups outside their immediate environment, they learn from social space. Here comes the burning question, in what way then can these teenagers be engaged? How does an average teen perceive education? According to the common parlance in the street, ‘las las schools na scam!’

What is the government doing to correct this convention?

Media houses now sponsor platitudes and societal degradation, sing praises of and welcome with open arms, events that are not even logical to an illogical man. What are the realities of reality TV shows?

Where have we gotten it wrongly?

And yet there’s PG 18 but teenagers are not excepted. We are quick to carry placards about a rape or abuse of a high person, meanwhile lots of teenagers are raped and stripped of their teenagehold. There are abuse everywhere you turn your face. But we claim blindness to that. I stand to be corrected, the social space is the next doom for our children. If we don’t play our roles as a people, the social space would.

Our girls are torn between realities. They have become victim of rape, abuse and violence. They are straightened to believe that once you have a boyfriend, you are settled. They are told that big a** makes a woman other than big brain. Instead they abandon your dreams chasing ream of guys. Hoping to be what the society has sculpted them to be. They are told what is mans’ and what not to do.

I have a question for you reading this, what are you doing to impact the next generation, is it positive or negative?

What projects have you supported that can bring correctness to the abnormally? Are you piqued by the latitudes in our social space?

Have you thought of what the next score years will be for our social space? What are you doing about it?

We must be deliberate about content we share on social space. We must screen what we post. We must scrutinize programs, events and or shows that elevate decays. It’s everyone’s duty to help mentor these young ones. Researchers discovered that the cognitive abilities of children developed faster and larger within this last three decades. As a result of the prefrontal cortex of an adult, children are BETTER learners than adult. They see what you do. And they can do it BETTER.

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