June 13, 2021


He was sweating on the altar ranting about the hyper ‘grace’ gospel. His spiritual father sat listening to him in amazement. He was amazed because he wondered where his ‘son’ got the trash he was preaching from. Of course he didn’t train him that way. Little did he know that his ‘son’ had been feeding from hyper grace preachers on Facebook. The young minister started criticizing all the teachings of his spiritual father; he termed them as erroneous and started making attempts to correct them. He talked about the validity of eternal security (once saved is forever saved). He criticized fasting as a means of growing in spiritual power.     He said Jesus has paid the ultimate price, there is no other price any believer can pay again to access spiritual power. His father in the Lord kept watching as he continued. He said no matter how a believer sins, so long he/she is in Christ, it doesn’t count… “We are new creation”. His father kept watching and nodding his head in pity. He criticized spiritual warfare and said “those things doesn’t matter”. He said all demons where defeated when Jesus said ‘it is finished’ on the cross, so demons shouldn’t be an issue to the believer. He claimed all those prayers of ‘casting’ and ‘binding’ are irrelevant. After all the rant on the altar, the moment the service closed, his father quietly took him by the hand and told him, ‘let’s go somewhere’. He took him to the home of a young girl who recently started misbehaving under strong demonic influence. His father asked him, “did Jesus cast out demons in the bible?” The young man answered, “Yes!” Then his father asked again, “you said fasting and prayers of casting & binding doesn’t matter? The young man responded “Yes!” Then his spiritual father walked out of the room and shot the door; leaving him and the demon possessed girl alone inside the room. Standing outside the room his father said loudly to him “talk is cheap… stay alone with that demon possessed girl and prove the authenticity of your new found revelation. since demons are no longer an issue, deal with that demon” In less than thirty minutes later the young man started screaming.        

The young girl had descended on him and started beating him black and blue. The guy shouted, “I bind you! I cast you! Holy Ghost fire!” Nothing worked. After suffering much torture from the possessed girl, his father opened the door walked in and cast out the demon from the little girl and that marked the end of her misbehavior. When the young minister walked out of the room he was panting… His clothes were rough. Then his father asked him, “who is in error now?” The guy couldn’t answer in shame.        

Talk is very cheap! The reason why we are having young ministers ranting all over Facebook promoting hyper grace message is because they haven’t been faced with practicality. It is easy to down play holiness and spiritual exercises (e.g fasting & prayer) when you are sitting at the comfort of your room operating your smart phone. Let us carry you to a juju shrine and give you the chance to prove the ‘rhema’ you claim to have and see if you will not melt! Young fellows who haven’t taken any scars for Jesus are busy criticizing fathers who have conquered territories because the claim to have encountered ‘rhema’. Rhema that doesn’t produce practical proof is that one rhema? Rhema that can’t propel you to lay hands on the sick & cast out devils, is that one rhema? Rhema that is only relevant for arguments on Facebook, is that one rhema?

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