June 13, 2021


Give her royal estate unto another that is better than she. Esther 1:19. Vashi the queen was asked to be brought before the king with the royal crown to show the people and the princes her beauty for she was fair to be looked upon. But, unfortunately, she blantly refused and this caused her her royal crown, her place and her queenly position.    

Ladies in the house, whether married or single. Can I tell you the truth mas? If you don’t hold tight your marriage or your relationship; some ladies and powers are waiting to take your queenly position.      

Do you know that some women are not happy that you are happy in that marriage. Some are obsessed with your husband and don’t mind being the second wife to him. Some thought they would end up their lives with him but unfortunately life happened and it did not work out the way they planned it.    

Even the enemy is planning to displace you in that marriage. Now don’t you think we all need wisdom and more wisdom to win? some of you think that, through monitoring his phones and his movement you can keep your place.    

Some even go to native doctors for charms to maintain their positions. Mummy, wisdom is the key. Wisdom has kept women in their homes for 30, 40, 50 years. Wisdom has turned hopeless marriages and difficult husbands around for good.    

Ask God for wisdom to maintain your queenly position, Wisdom to capture the heart of your husband and secure your place in his heart. May you never lost your place and queenly position.

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