June 13, 2021


I am seeing sperm in my urine. My friends said I must have sex so all these can stop. Please help me baby and it is only you I can have sex with. Please help me.   You see that statement up there? That was what a guy told one of my daughters in the Lord just to persuade her to give him sex. This lady came to my inbox to ask me if it is true a guy can be going through such pain because of lack of sex. She was almost pitying the guy. I had to tell her that the guy is a full blown liar trying to deceive gullible girls and lure them into satisfying his sexual urge. We all have this penis. Stop doing as if your own penis is different from what all of us have under us. Young girls, are you reading this post now? Let me tell you the truth, except a guy is on strong weed, masturbating or watching pornography, it is not possible to have erection for 3 hours at a stretch.   You see why it is good for you girls not to be too secretive? Thank God this girl confided in me and I was able to debunk those lies off her mind. She could have gone to greet the ‘sick’ guy all in the name of sympathizing with his ‘pain’ and getting there, he might rape her and that might set her on life of regret and sorrow. Guys, why are so many of you so deceptive and cunning like this? Just because you want to defile a girl and satisfy your sexual lust, you will weave up so many lies just to get a lady laid on your immoral bed. God will judge you severely except you repent. Ladies, don’t be too emotional.

Don’t be gullible. Don’t be too pitiful. Don’t be carried away with this lies. Even if he says he wants to die because of 3 hours erection, can’t you tell him to carry his erection to hospital and let the doctors check his brain and his erection for him? Must you be the one he will use as a ‘pain reliever” and must your private part be his “toilet’ where he will enter to ease himself?    Some will even say ‘I am fully erected and if I don’t release the sperm it will disturb me for days and later cause me harm.’ This is a very fat lie from the pit of hell, every man has erection, the wise control it without being harm but the fools use their erection to deceive innocent girls just because they know ladies are so sympathetic. Truth be told; erection is a thing of the mind, If you put your mind there it will come and if you remove your mind it will go and has no effect on you.  

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