June 13, 2021


Few years ago, a lady came to my house for some issues she was going through. Apart from those marital issues, she was also battling with epilepsy. As we were talking, she told me that, one of the things that do piss her off was the way her family members & friends use to ask her ‘ have you taken your drug?’. ‘Have you bought your drugs?, etc. I was trying to understand why those questions were getting her angry whenever they asked her; & her reply was ‘ they should not call it MY DRUGS’. She said, “those drugs are just drugs, they are not my drugs. Why are they personalizing it to me as if the drugs are customized for me or as if I am the only one with such issue.     I really learnt from her words. Friends, what is that challenge you are passing through presently and people are already seeing it as ‘you drugs’? May be you yourself are already calling it ‘my cross’, ‘my obot’ (destiny), ‘my fate’, etc. I want you to know that, it is just ‘ a drug’, not ‘your drug’. That setback, that disappointment, that barrenness, that failure, that delay, that sickness, that pain and suffering are not your own. Never say , ‘my problem’, ‘my failure’, my barreness’. Never personalize or customize whatever you are passing through as your own. You might be passing through it, but that does not mean it is yours.     Change your language. Reject it instantly when people call any problem or challenge your own. Say like that lady, ‘ It is just a drug, not my drug’. Don’t claim the name of any problem as yours. Swimming through the river does not mean the river belongs to you. You will soon come out of this river of problem and challenges because I am sure that, it is just a drug, not your drug! Be encouraged! Stay positive!

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