June 13, 2021


You see that statement up there? I will tell you about it. Please, read on.   A married women brought a chat between her husband and his side chic to me. I saw the man saying in that chats that his wife died 7 years ago and the most painful part of it is that, this woman said, herself and the husband still had sex that morning he chatted his girlfriend that his wife is dead. The wife is now praying that the husband should die because he is calling her a dead woman while she’s still alive.     One thing that you can do as a married man to bring your life to ruin and bring the anger of God on your life is to deny your family. You are married; but because you still want to enjoy night clubbing, side chic(side chickens), champagne with single girls and all other youthful frivolities, you are parading yourself online as a single guy.     You opened a Facebook account and you blocked your wife off it so that she won’t know your activities here because you are making gullible ladies to think that you are a single man. Ladies that should look up to you as their role model. Ladies that should see you and your wife as a role model couple. Shame on you sir. Big shame on you.     You are fully married to a beautiful Queen and blessed with wonderful children by God’s grace. Why should you deny this great assets God has blessed you with because you’re drooling over one lady with breasts and vagina? That’s pure nonsense!    

What do those girls have that you can’t enjoy at home? How could you drag your marriage covenant and vow in the mud of fleshly pleasure just to feel belong and be seen as a happening guy? Sir, remember the covenant of nakedness between you and your wife. Remember the labour pain she went through, the CS, the pain of miscarriage she endured just to make you a father. Remember the changes that occurred in her body as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. It is this same woman you are hiding from small small girls just to have sex with them. You are a shame to marriage institution! God said I should tell you that He is not happy with you at all! You are fully married! You are not running a part time marriage. It is a full time Marriage for crying out loud!

That’s why I tell my fellow young guys, don’t marry a lady you can’t be proud to present to people.  
Dear young ladies, make proper investigation about that guy proposing love and marriage to you. Don’t be carried away with his online image and reputation. Don’t be carried away with his daily ‘ spiritual and prophetic posts’. Don’t be carried away with his philanthropic works online. What is after 6 is more than 7. Investigation must come before investment.   In your office sir, do they know you are married? Some terrible men could go to the extent of lying that their wives are dead just to have one round of sex with a lady that is young enough to be their last born. Shameless men! One thing I am sure those girls have that your wife might not have in her body is your early grave.  

You should be proud of your family. You may not have the latest mansion. You may not have the latest car. You may not be popular. But, you need a family. This is God’s blessing in your life that you must not hide or deny for anything.     If you are a married man, and you are hidding your wife and children just because of your immorality and flirting with women, the God of your wife and children will soon fight and expose you. Always be proud of your wife and your children. They deserve that honour from you sir! Don’t be a shameless man because of your ‘3rd leg’ that you can’t control. Adultery will reduce you to a piece of bread not a loaf of bread oo, just a piece! You are warned.

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