June 13, 2021


You see this popular statement up there? Many of us use it when we are meeting people for the first time, especially, strangers. It is good and there is nothing bad in it. But, I have met people who used this statement ‘proud-fully” & arrogantly. Many of us think, everyone that comes to us and meeting us on our C.E.O’s chairs, or in our offices need our help and they can’t help us.   Let me tell you a story. A lady (my neighbor) came to my house one day and when she came in, I said to her ‘ How may you help me?’ She laughed and said ‘Man of God, it is you that can help me oo. I am having exam in school tomorrow and I don’t have money to register the course, Sir please help me with any amount”. I gave her what I could afford. She knelt down and was just appreciating me. I said, thanks to God.   She stood up to go, and her phone rang, I heard a song and I love that song so much. I asked her if she can send it to me. Sharp sharp, she did. As she was doing it , I saw so many messages of great men of God on her phone and powerful Christian videos, Bible versions and so many articles. I was like whaoooo. Can you share this things with me? She asked if I have space to take them. Sharp Sharp, I opened my xender and everything was sent to me. What that lady gave me that day should worth 15,000 Naira if I had wanted to buy them one by one. I looked at her when she finished and I said, when you came in, I asked you ‘ How may you help me? You said there is no help you can do for me and it is I that can help you. See how you have helped me greatly now with all you gave to me. She laughed and left.   I went to a school, and the school Secretary said to me harshly and ‘proudfully’ ‘Mr man, how may I help you” . I laughed inside and I became serious and I told her my mission on free tutorial. She later saw our proposal and some of the schools we have been to. She became my friend. Took me to the Principal and said, “Sir, this man is here sir to help our school. I smiled.

After my talk with the Principal. I was about going out of the school. The security man asked me to sign out. I told him, I did not sign in. He said he forgot to ask me to sign in.   I collected their visitors’ book, and I filled the columns available there. But I noticed there is no column for visitor’s name. They only wrote ” Whom to see ” “Time in” ” Purpose of Visit” “Time Out” . I said where will I write my name? They said , Haaaa, we don’t have that column for name. I said, you should have it and gave them like 3 reasons why they should have it. The school Secretary said, ‘Oh. you have helped us again. We will correct this” Imagine Abraham telling the 3 angels that came to help him overcome barrenness “How may I help you?” Imagine him asking them arrogantly.   I know many of us might mean well when we say “How may I help you” but please, say it with humility of heart. The person you think you want to help might also have your help with him/her. We all need help! Remember, it was an house girl that helped Naaman out of his leprosy, despite the fact that, he was a great general. 2 Kings 5:1-7.   As much as you have help to give to people, know also that, you too need help and anyone can help you. Don’t speak arrogantly. Don’t be proud in your heart and act when addressing people.  

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