June 13, 2021


It was around 2:15 or 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday, I was coming back from NYSC headcount at Marian in Calabar Municipal council. While I was standing to pick a cab to my house, a woman was carrying this big wooden box like tray they use in collecting bread from bakery. She was coming from a bakery. She was waiting for a bus to take her to Atimbo. As soon as a bus came shouting ‘Atimbo, Atimbo’ ,this woman ran to board the bus & she asked the conductor to open the boot so she can drop the bread tray in there. As the conductor was trying to help her take the bread tray off her head into the bus boot, suddenly, we just saw that the wrapper this woman tied around her waist came down falling. To the amazement of all lookers and passengers in the bus, this woman was not wearing any under wear. No pant! No tight! Apart from the T.shirt she wore to cover her braless breasts, she had nothing under her.  

That she was embarrassed is an understatement. Within 5 minutes, she was devastated and lost words. People were abusing her that, how could she leave her house at Atimbo to come to marian without​ wearing anything under her wrapper. She was just saying ‘ ini ama ebe ôkpôñ mi, ini ama ebe ôkpôñ mi oo’ ( Is because I was in haste oo, and my husband told me ooo).   That sight disturbed my memory for hours even uptill now anytime I recall the scenario. Do you know many women are found of doing things like this? Some women can walk bra-less with their breasts dangling like bell left and right in their transparent oversize T.Shirt, and they will walk like that from their house which is No 1 of their street to No. 40 of that street.   Atimes when you take children to school in the morning, you will see many of this women looking so rough, no bra, no decent hair on their head all in the name of ‘let me quickly go and come back’ or ‘ after 5 children, who dey look me?’   Some women will put on bathroom slippers and be roaming the streets like ghost. Are you in the habit of tying ordinary wrapper on your waist without wearing pant or under skirt or tight and you move from one place to another? Are you fond of putting on bathroom slippers, with your hair scattered on your head, with roasted corn in your mouth like mouth organ and you are eating it as you walk about your community all in the name of buying salt, buying onion or going to pick your children in school? Madam, stop this dignity eroding habits. Don’t let people mistaken you for a street mad woman when you are not mad.   Every time you step out of your house as a woman, be conscious of the fact that you are a Queen.

Dress well even when you are on casuals. Wear underwear. Don’t go round the street without your bra. Walk elegantly like a babe. Walk majestically like a Queen. Let royalty and dignity be seen on you anywhere people meet you. Lastly, when your husband is correcting you for any habit, don’t wait till that habit disgrace you in the public before you will change.   I just thought of sharing this with you all. Single ladies too can learn from this. Little things count. Don’t do anything that will give you public shame. I imagined how that woman would be feeling sitting down with other passengers from Marian to Atimbo after she has fed their eyes with her nakedness. Be careful woman. Be very careful.

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