June 13, 2021


When a woman marries a man because of money and physical beauty and a man marries a woman because of beauty, forgotten that Is better with Idea woman and man and have peace at home . Although handsome men and beautiful ladies is very good, but let it not be because of the outside beauty alone but inside beauty as well because that is what made you who u really are, because someone like me I always cherish beautiful children with good character, God made men and women physically beautiful so that men will appreciate his hand work and give glory to him, the beauty God gave us is not what makes us wrong man and woman, it is our decisions, our attitudes, our lifestyles, our believes, if a man decide to follow the ways of God and fear him God will beautify him and distinguish him from others and if a woman decided to use her beauty, her body to serve God.

God will make her a virtuous woman blessed among others, the problems many women have is that they don’t know the blessedness of being a woman .   Many thought that being a woman is having breast, vagina and womb to carry a baby, they don’t know who they represent in creation, my Bible made me to understand that after God created every other things he said let make man in our own image and God made a man, after that he said is not good for a man to be alone so he made him a helper which is a woman, and after that he look at everything he created he said they are beautiful and on the 7th day he rested, now look at this, God did not say all things he created is beautiful before creating d woman, it was after the woman he made that comment, because women represent beauty not facial beauty alone.  

Now look at this again God rested on the seventh day, it means women stands for completions, perfection, and so many other things i can’t start mentioning now, as a woman u marry if that man is operating in 20 degree riches it suppose to upgrade to at least 80 not otherwise, if he is not too strong in God with u let him become stronger and if he has never drove a car with u he should, some women will marry, instead of that man getting richer he will become poorer, sometimes is not because u are a witch but because refused to deal with your foundational alters and those alters started dealing with u, and some because u sold out your glory to men because of pleasures of life now after marriage you will become nothing more than an empty vessel.  

As a woman look at your family what are those wrong things that has happened repeatedly, u are not to end up the way others ended up , what happened to your parents don’t have to repeat in your own life, if your husband is progressing people will praise u and if he is falling they will still blame u except for those cowards who can never over look things under the skirts. Thanks, God blessing you more sir, and God bless all women.

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