June 13, 2021


Many a times, I see this guys that come around our compound to check our refuse. You will see them carrying things you have thrown away. Things you see as junks. Things you have given up on. Things that are no long beautiful and worthy to be in your house. They will pack those junks away. At times , they might even ask you to sell those junks to them.

One day, I asked one of them, where are they taking those junks to? He smiled and said ‘Madam, you see this things as junks, but we see jewels in them. By the time we take it away from here and we sell it to those that need it, they will use it to do things that, you will still take your money to go and buy. Humm, I thought over it and I got inspiration to write a book on it.

      Dear reader, are people seeing your life as a junk presently? Or you are the one seeing yourself, your destiny , your vision as a mere junk? You might be wondering like Nathaniel in the Bible who said ” Can any good thing come out of Nazareth? ” ( John 1:46). I have a good news for you, let God handle this life you call ‘junks’ and see how He will turn it to a beautiful Jewel that will become the envy of the whole world.

Are you reading this, and you are fond of looking down on people and categorizing them as “junks”? No matter what people are doing, you seem to only see them as ” junks”. Change your perception! Even if people appear as “junks” for now because of the chaotic situations of life they are passing through presently, learn to see beyond now in them and see ‘Jewel” in their ‘junks”. God is a specialist in turning junks to Jewels. He has done it over and over and He will do it again and again.   From my ‘Junks” , Jewel will come out.

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