June 13, 2021


The story of Eliezer’s challenge is a familiar one. Abraham sent Eliezer off with a task, “Find a suitable wife for my son Isaac.” How, though, could Eliezer be secure in the knowledge that the woman he chose would indeed measure up to the standards of the saintly Isaac?
To ensure that he would find the young woman, Eliezer came up with a plan. Hence was born the famous “camel test”: After his long travels, Eliezer would ask a young maiden for a sip of water, and if she offered to provide water for his camels as well, she would be the one!

When Eliezer and his men arrived at the well, they had with them many camels, so they’d be able to escort the future bride and all her possessions and servants back to Isaac.
Eliezer had watched her fill a jug of water and place it on her shoulder. He ran over and asked to sip from it. Rebecca told him to drink, but hurriedly removed the jug from her shoulder to her hand and let him drink.
When he finished drinking, the jug was not yet empty, and she offered to give the camels water as well.
“She offered to give the camel water as well”
“She went the extra mile”

The difference between the ordinary person and the extra -ordinary person is the word extra in the “extra ordinary”.
Doing more than you are required to do.
Rebecca could as well just lowered the water and give him ,but she was proactive to know that if this man is thirsty his camels too were going to be thirsty too.She went the extra mile to give the camel water.
Do what you have to do and some more, learn to go an extra mile. Jesus said if someone forces you to go with him one mile, go with him two miles.
Avoid been average if you are average the law of 20/80 percent rule will catch up with you negatively.
That rule explain to us that in every group(100%) ,20% will always be at the top and 80% will be average/beneath . The 20% at the top are those who go the extra mile and always do some MORE.
In your class do a little bit MORE.
In that group you are in do a little bit MORE.
In the church do a little bit MORE.
At work do a little bit MORE.
In your line of Industry do a little bit MORE.
In your Christian race do a little bit MORE.
And the top is sure for you.
See you at the top

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