June 13, 2021


A lady friend of mine narrated her relationship ordeal to me how she has been co-inhabiting with her boyfriend who is always found of dishing domestic violence to her. She told me of one particular scene. They had misunderstanding, she begged the guy. He refused to accept, but left the room for her. He came back at night, this lady was already sleeping. This guy in anger, poured two buckets of water on her while she was still on the bed. She stood up to behold the wonder very well. To her amazement, this guy started beating her with blow till she started bleeding from mouth and nose. She screamed for help and people came to her rescue.    

She said she was rushed to the hospital. She spent that night at the hospital. The guy said it was over between them. She said , after she recovered, a week later, she started begging the guy to take her back, that she’s still in love with him. The guy objected to her pleads. This lady said, she bought 2,000 Naira call card and sent it to this guy to please accept her back and she also sent people to help her beg the guy. Eventually, they came back and they were still in that relationship , before I had series of prayers with her and she was convicted by the Holy Spirit. I monitored her till she left that abusive relationship.    

This is one out of millions of guys and ladies who are suffering and smiling in an abuse relationship. Many ladies are receiving verbal, emotional and physical abuse from their so called ‘lover boys’ and they are ready to manage the guys like that. Young lady, ride on ooo, manage him till he will damage your face and your destiny. This is me raising my voice against any form of domestic violence and abuse in any level and form of human relationship; marriage inclusive!  

If you a guy/ married man and you are beating your fiancé/ wife, you are a beast sir!   If you are a wife/ single ladies and you are beating your man in any form, you are a disgrace to womanhood.    

Borrow yourself brain. Don’t stay in an abusive relationship. Jesus did not died on the cross to save you and later to put you into the suffering of receiving blows and belt and punches. That’s not godly suffering. That’s foolishness and stupidity.  

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