August 4, 2021


Last month , a pastor friend of mine was watching a movie together with his wife. I visited and also watch some part of the movie with them. We saw where this cute guy was proposing to a lady , he knelt down and gave her a flower, and a ring.
His wife said, ‘ Mine, you did not propose to me with a flower oh. You did not make me feel the trill of receiving flower oh . You only proposed with a new white Bible , Bible quotation, and you used Basic Concept of Economics.”
We all laughed over it very seriously but my friend was short of words. Then I intruded and replied her that , the Bible says “The grass withers, the FLOWER fades, But the word of our God stands forever.” ( Isaiah 40:8). Immediately I said that my friend jumped up and hugged me, thanking me for belling him out. and we all laughed.
The reason why the marriage will last is that, it was founded on the Word of God , and not on flower
We all laughed on it. This is just for the fun of it. I am not condemning proposing with ring, flower, and other things oh. In our time, those kneeling down and flower were not common. We even prayed together after making the proposal.
To my fellow Beloved singles, there are many things that represents ‘flower’ today. Not necessarily the physical flower. There are many things that many guys present to lady to propose to them, and those things are just flower. They shine, yes! but they will fade away. The ‘flower’ could be money, handsomeness, promise of green card, promise of travelling to abroad. It could be expensive ring, expensive car he is giving you as a token of his love the day he is proposing to you. But the truth is that, those things are like flower. They will fade away. They are not bad oh. But make sure at the base of that relationship is the Word of God that abides Forever. The unfailing WORD , sure WORD, Abiding WORD of the Lord.
“Read it again, The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.”
Don’t settle for the fading ‘Flowers’ alone. Get the Unfading Word of God! That’s what guarantees lasting and joyous marriage.
Give and get the flowers if you can, but in all they getting and giving, Get the WORD!!!! 
If all you have in the relationship is just the ‘flowers’, when they fade, you will know that, what is after 6 is more than 7.
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