June 13, 2021


Focus and concentration are salient words in achieving success in life. And one thing that really fuels up focus is clarity of purpose .Your inner agility to concentrate on your topmost priority per time and see it through, determines how much you can succeed in life.
Proverb 4:25 Let your eyes look straight ahead and your eyelids look right before you,  Ponder on the path of your feet and let your ways be established don’t turn right or the left.
As you go on the journey of success, I beseech you, be focused. Distractions would pop up but try to focus.
Try to list out those things that distracts you , it could be your phone, could be habits like too much talking, procrastination, lack of time management, families and friends , television ( zee world) could be house chores, could be children anything that takes away your concentrations . Look out for it and deliberately deal with it. You also need to develop the habits of self-disciple to focus. Doing what you have to do whether you feel like it or not.
Sure not to forget the journey to heaven also needs focus, so much distraction on this road too. Determine in your heart that nothing in this world will intersect you on this spiritual journey, don’t entangle yourself with the affairs of this world ,I can bet you it will surely weigh you down and at the end distract you on your way to the glorious land.
Together we shall receive our golden crown.
Stay blessed and remain focused.
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