June 13, 2021


I cringed today when a man said if his wife does something he ‘commands’ her not to do, he’d send her out of his house back to her parents; that it’s very wrong for a woman to disobey her husband no matter what. Well, I couldn’t hold my chill, I opposed him passionately and he resorted to calling me a kid; “You won’t understand till you get married.”
That’s always how they sound. Very manipulative old folks.
Please single guys, when you wanna get married, just remind yourself that the woman you’re getting married to will be your life partner, not your servant. You ain’t doing her a favor by getting married to her, so don’t ever feel that sending her back to her parents means she’ll die or lose her womanhood.
Your wife is not your errand girl, she’s like a colleague and she’s important like you in that marriage, so you don’t command her to do things, you don’t just give orders, No! Both of you are to reach a stand that favors you two, nobody should be favored and the other displeased based on gender differences.
No matter how much you spent marrying your wife, it doesn’t still justify you objectifying her; treating her like your ‘property’. She is human, and her opinions and contributions are highly important as far as your marriage with her is concerned.
Your headship in marriage is the position of love, the attribute of lavishly loving your wife. If you abuse your wife, you ain’t leading her, you ain’t even yet MARRIED to her. When a man is truly a husband, his wife will be happy and submissive in the marriage.
Be a real man.
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