June 13, 2021


I have seen many marriages that should not be that are existing today just because a false prophet used his prophetic gimmicks to match make those couples. I have seen people who did not marry the person they really love. They ended up marrying someone they have no feelings , no passion, and no connection with, just because they wanted to obey their prophets. I blame the prophets, but I blame those couples more.      

Dear Prophet & pastors, it is not your duty to choose who your members should marry for them. Yes, you can guide them. Yes, you can teach them. You might even be used by God to introduce them to each other, but sir, never impose a brother on a sister. Never command your Spiritual daughter to marry your spiritual son by fire by force. You know why sir? It will back fire!        

Also sir, if people reject who you forced them to marry, don’t threaten to curse them with your calling. One prophet threatened his daughter in the Lord like that and said, ‘If you marry that guy you want to marry and you reject the one I gave you, then, if you have children in that marriage, the Lord has not called me’ The Lady got married to the guy she was convinced is for her. 10 years after marriage, this prophet was stranded in a city and called that lady and he was to pass night in her house. She made Amala for her prophet, and as the prophet was eating the Amala and gisting with the lady and her husband, he carried one hand full of Amala (yam flour) & was about putting it in his mouth, then the lady said, ‘Daddy, and you said if we marry , we will never have any child in this marriage. Now God has blessed us with 3 children. One boy and twins (two girls)’. The prophet lost appetite immediately. He could not swallow the amala in his hand. He begged and said, he thought the lady will fear the curse and marry the guy he was choosing for her that time. My people ,you see life?      

I believe in the ministry of prophets. I believe God can instruct a prophet to warn people against their marital choice. I also believe God can tell a prophet who and who should marry but I also believe God has given every man the liberty and grace to choose or accept whom to marry with the prophet interference. But sir, be very sure it is God telling you and not your prophetic ego. Even if you are 100% sure it is God, still know that, those brothers and sisters have the right to either say Yes, or No to whatever the prophecy you give them.      

Dear singles, do you really know God for yourself? Have you made Him your Father? Does God speaks to you as His son/daughter? Until you have a personal relationship with the Lord that you can hear Him speak and direct you, your marital choice is at the mercy of fake pastors and prophets. If you know God personally, whatever any prophet is telling you will just be a confirmation of what your heavenly Daddy has told you before.

I have counselled so many couples who are in marital bondage, and they got there by gullibly following some prophets lies. The unfortunate thing is that, those prophets are not there to share in their marital woes. Singles, know this God for yourself! Confirm every prophet’s word from the Lord before buying into it. Prophets and pastors, don’t pass your boundaries!  

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