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Most relationships and Marriages are destroyed because of pride. Do you know why? Some Ladies find it so difficult to apologize to their partners when they are wrong. My dear Please try to be a peace maker even when you know you are not the one at fault. Let peace reign first.    

Later,one of those happy moments you use to be together, call him,Let him understand that he was wrong in what he did, I bet you, he must say “am Sorry Immediately and will even Love you more and more. As a lady,the way you want your house to be that’s how it’s going to be. Some Ladies will say “If he did not apologize,Let him come and touch me nah”    

My dear if you don’t allow him,he will do it outside and last last,he will bring disease and give you. So now tell me Who Loose? Don’t mind those Ladies who gives you wrong advice telling you to forget that man that he must come back to beg you.They are “HOME BREAKERS”. If they are in your shoes they will be the one to apologize first. If that man leaves you today,they will be the first person to rush him.So please be wise. Some Men always feel like it’s always the duty of a woman to Apologize every time, but it’s not so. You as a man is supposed to apologize too either right or wrong just to keep that happiness in your family or Relationship. I focused on ladies because in Most Cases they are the ones to loose and suffer it most especially when you are not an Independent woman.(Financially Stable)

The rate of Single Mums I see sometimes is too much and most of their marriages or relationship broke because of PRIDE. Some broke because of different other reason but pride has broken many. Please dear Ladies don’t let Pride destroy your sweet and happy home or Relationship. Learn to Say “AM SORRY” and God will always bless you and your Partner.

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