June 13, 2021


I have read so many suicide stories and honestly, while I am not judging the dead, but most times, I see many needless deaths here and there. For example, A pastor wanted to send his nude picture to his wife, and he mistakenly sent it to his church WhatsApp and many of the church members saw the full nude picture of their pastor including his manhood. He thought of the shame of facing the congregation on Sunday because it happened on Friday evening. He committed suicide on Saturday morning, leaving his wife & children helpless. I know it is shameful, but should you end your life and ministry and marriage because of that? Β  Β 

A young lady committed suicide because her boyfriend left her. What kind of stupid love is that? Love that can make you to drink poison because your boyfriend left you, is that one love? You are owning 12 million Naira and your creditors are chasing you up and down, so, you are thinking of committing suicide because of debt? What’s big deal?    

You failed exams or you are having many carry overs in your studies, that’s why you are thinking of committing suicide. Those who did not go to school at all nko? They should kill themselves? You are 40 years and no man is coming to propose marriage to you. Is that why you want to kill yourself? 10 years after marriage no child yet? And your in-laws are mocking you or frustrating you. Is that why you want to poison yourself ma? You sure don’t know anything about the God of Hannah , Sarah and Elizabeth. Read about Him. Know Him. You will see that, you don’t need that suicide action.    

No matter how we try to justify it. No condition in this life justifies suicide. Not even depression. I see it as more demonic than natural. If you are in that state right now where you are contemplating of committing suicide, cry out! Speak to someone for help.    

There are some people who will never commit suicide. I repeat! For Christ in them, is the Hope of Glory. Colossians 1:27. There is hope for a tree, if it be cut down, at the scent of water , it will sprout out again. If tree has hope, are you not better than a tree? Never commit suicide! Never!

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