June 13, 2021


A Beloved sister was sharing with me how a woman who makes her hair for her was reported to moved out of her husband’s house for some months and she came back later. She told this sister that, she does not deal with her husband immediately the man offends her. She said, if the husband offends her today, she might not do or say anything about the offense now until June or August. That’s when she will now deal with the husband. She added that, she has several ways of dealing with the husband. The painful part of it is that, the husband won’t be able to understand the rationale behind the wickedness and maltreatment the wife is melting out to him.
It is after much asking, that, the wife will now say, it was because of so so so and so thing you said to me that day 3 months ago, that I am doing this thing I am doing now to teach you lessons and deal with you. The husband would say, ‘why can’t you bring it up when it happened and let me apologize or tell you the reasons why I did or said what I said’ But the woman would not yield.
Dear reader, are you like this woman? You know how to wait for ‘3 months ‘ or more before dealing with people. Some of us have people in our mind who have offended us when we were younger, weak and poor and we are only waiting for when we will become rich, strong and mighty in position and society before we will now deal with them.
There are couples who pretended what their spouses did to them did not pain them at all, but all they are waiting for is their own ‘June’ or ‘August’ before they will retaliate and deal with their spouse.
It is not wrong to be angry if you were wronged by anybody, but what is wrong is for you to allow sun to go down on your anger. While waiting till when the person that offended you have completely forgotten about it before striking him/her?
I don’t know who is your own ‘Husband’ in this context. Your ‘husband’ might be your employee, employer, your parents, your children, your neighbors, your pastor, your siblings, your spouse, your class mate, etc. Any of this might have wronged you one way or the other. Why are you waiting till ‘June, or ‘August’ so that you can deal with this your ‘husband’?
Why can’t you confront the person and show your displeasure and settle it once and for all?
Why can’t you forgive and free your mind and health so that, you will not put your health into risk because of lack of forgiveness?
Are you even sure of tomorrow? What if the Giver of your breath request for it tonight and sent to you that you should report home tonight?
What if death should close your eyes before that ‘June’ or ‘August’? What will you tell your Maker when you meet him with this full blown bitterness and plans to revenge?
I plead with you today, let go and let God. It might be so difficult, but ask God for grace. Forgive those who have offended you. If you have to deal with ‘your husband’, deal with him /her Now! Deal with him in sincerity , and show your grievance. Then, forgive him/her. Let your heart be free towards everyone. Never be waiting till ‘June’ or ‘August’ and mapping out strategies on how to deal with that person who has offended you since ‘April’
Forgiveness Is a gift you give to yourself, not just to the one you forgave.
A sage said, ” When you forgive, you release a prisoner and that prisoner is you!”.
I asked you again friend, When will you deal with your own ‘husband’?
Think on this message you have read.
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