June 13, 2021


That guy announced his wedding on Facebook and he got 150 likes, 120 comments. Just on Monday, he announced on his Facebook that his bride-to- be canceled the wedding a week to go. The news of this wedding cancellation within 48 hours got 1,500 likes, 3,000 comments, and 396 share.
I went through the Facebook wall of this guy, all his motivational and biblical posts never gather more than 100 likes and may be few comments but when it came to the news of a failed wedding plan, many of his friends who have never commented or liked his posts are now crawling out of their hidden places to give him fake sympathy. So many people must have waiting to hear the bad news.
I saw a post of a woman who announced the birth of her new baby. She got 300 comments congratulating her. After a week, she wrote a sad news that she lost the baby and within 2 hours, come and see 2,000 comments saying ‘ Sorry, sorry, take heart, sorry, etc. And I was like, why are we like this?
Many of you will see good posts, good pictures, good news from your friends on line, you will walk away. So stingy with your likes and comments, but when they announce the death of such friends, you will be the first to me shedding crocodile tears through comment. You are evil! You are seriously evil.
If you think the only like and comment you owe me is when my obituary will be posted, keep waiting in vain. You will wait tired! All my posts don’t make sense to you. None is blessing you. None is inspiring to you. You read and walk pass, only waiting to hear, he fell , he died, he is in the hospital, before you can use your evil like and evil comment you are holding. You shall wait in vain.
Dear people of God, let’s change our attitude. Encourage people. That singer, that young entrepreneur who is posting his business, that pastor, that young writer, that friend celebrating one thing or the other, please rejoice with them. Celebrate with them.
Don’t wait till you hear/ read bad news about people before you will starting writing ‘ E yaa, sorry ooo, ” oh, I am sorry for your loss, ‘ oh, take heart” and those fake sympathy comments.
Don’t rejoice in evil. Delight in good news.
For those of you who love and celebrate good things with other, I give you a warm handshake. Bad belle people, move to one side and go and repent there.
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