June 13, 2021


It is not the length of time that you two have been together that determines how mature your relationship is. What matters most is how well you treat each other and it shows even in the smallest gestures. These signs will give you an idea if you still have to do better or if you two are on top of your game:-
1. Positive feedback:
Mature couples do not hoard compliments. If they are in the mood to appreciate their partners, they freely do so without worrying about being too mushy. Simple things like, “nice shirt”, “lovely hairdo”, “you look great”, “I miss you”, “you smell nice”, etc. may not necessarily be so romantic but are sweet nonetheless.
2. Check-in :
This is the simple reason that mature couples talk to each more than once a day where possible. Personally, I don’t even understand how you can be dating and you don’t talk every day. Checking in to say how your day is going or ask about your partner’s day reinforces the connection you two share.
3. Openly communicate:
Mature relationships are characterized by honest conversations about even the tiniest matters or uncomfortable subjects. Couples who are open about their feelings and divulge deep things are on another level, a good one. They don’t keep score of wrongs either.
4. Surprise each other pleasantly:
Doing things for each other that neither ever saw coming speaks in volumes. At times, it may be a grand gesture like replacing a faulty phone or smaller ones like getting him new socks but the fact that you do it without being asked shows you really pay attention to each other.
5. Don’t take each other for granted:
Mature couples seize every opportunity to appreciate each other. To them, saying, “thank you”, “I am sorry”, “I love you” does not sound like cliche. They say it often and actually mean it every time.
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