June 13, 2021


It is humane enough to give into temptations; emotions can be wild and desires like an untamed child. They can make you put all logic, rationale and ethics into the back burner. It takes a lot of effort and not to mention. one has to endure a different kind of pain altogether when one decides to side with morality. It is the pain of never knowing how the forbidden fruit would taste. Whatever it is, infidelity or loyalty is a personal choice. But to say married women cheat is a wrong and unethical statement. Well, not all married women but why some married women cheat is what we are getting at. Sometimes even women who have the picture perfect life find it difficult to resist the love seeks them out of the wedlock. knowing what makes women fall into extramarital relationships, sometimes despite living a perfectly happy married life.

Here he cites few reasons:-
1.       Sheer boredom:
They say variety is the spice of life for a reason. When sex becomes predictable and routine and your life just a bunch of to-do lists to be followed with dedication, monotony kills the zeal for life and the joy of companionship. This could be one reason for women to look for an affair outside the wedlock. Sometimes career goals keep partners away from each other and loneliness can make one crave for companionship like crazy. If a woman (or even a man) gets an opportunity to share some space with the member of the opposite sex it stands the potential to turn into an extramarital affair.
2.       Craving for more:
We cannot always blame the man for looking out for variety, fun and enjoyment outside the wedlock; women too can follow the same lines of infidelity just for the heck of it. For some women, the word contentment doesn t have a concrete meaning and they might have a sexual appetite that is hard to satisfy being in a monogamous relationship. This can make a woman sneak out new love interest keeping the partner in dark.
3.       Lack of love:
Some marriages are not act of love but an act of convenience and these kinds of relationships are headed for doom sooner or later. So when there is no real love or when two partners fail to establish a connection that go deep and touch a chord within, looking for love outside marriage isn t surprising. What cannot be nurtured cannot blossom and what gets nourished (in this case an extramarital affair) grows wild and fierce. Many women might not even consider family or abide by the so-called societal norms in pursuit of their love or while siding with their new found love.
4.       A tormented marriage:
For some women, an extramarital relationship might be the only way to get away from a tormented marriage. Domestic violence, alcoholic partner, marital rape all could take a toll on her, which can force her to look for some solace in someone else s loving arms and get engulfed in his warmth and care. Chances are the marriage might not survive long.
5.       Ex-flames:
Sometimes when two ex-lovers meet the spark can kind of get reignited and this could be the reason for an affair to bloom. Of course, it all depends on how the relationship ended in the first place but then when lost love crosses your path a lot can get ruffled in the way.
6.       Revenge:
Some women get into an extramarital affair just to take revenge over a cheating partner and more often than not the affair ends up with the man s friend, colleague or a distant relative.
Whatever the reason for an extramarital affair remember to takes away a lot from you than it gives so way your pros and cons carefully.
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